Should you consider attic insulation?

Green Polyester Insulation

One of the most eco-friendly products you can use in your attic at home for insulation is green polyester insulation. Isotherm is a popular brand of polyester insulating material.

Made from recycled PET bottles, isotherm is a thermal and acoustic insulation product that is safe and easy to install. Its a non-allergic polyester product.

Source: Isotherm installers
Attic insulation has been used for many years. People install it to keep the temperature in their home at a more consistant rate through the months and years. Home page

Summer time effects

During summer time the sun will bake on your roof and heat will build up inside. An uninsulated home will find all that heat from in the attic coming through and into your home.

People try to compensate for this by turning up the air-conditioning to cool it down inside. You end up running the cooling devices which in turn gives you huge end of month electricity bills. Solar panels

Winter time effects

During the winter, the hot air inside your home that you create from the heater, rises up and through your ceiling. Once you insulate your home winter heater will be much more effective and cheaper to run beacuse they wont always be running.  Insulation retains the heat inside your home keeping it warmer. Solar power

Using solar window film on your home windows

Using solar window tinting film on your home windows reduces glare from entering your home windows. This makes your living areas more comfortable at home. People underestimate glare coming in through the windows.
Window tinting film will reduce the heat that comes in through your home windows. For people that cant afford double or triple glazed window then this is the perfect solution for you. Find a qualified and professional solar shield window tinting installer and get a price.
Solar window film come in many different colours and shades. Depending on your preference you can ask the window film installer about the different shades they install.